I do not know why you want to reform the Ohio Judicial system but I hope you join me in implementing the solutions. 

1 - Inspire competitive races even when there is an incumbent judge and

2 - replace lawyer logic with logic from professions with a track record of building, healing and solving. 

My Story:

Why pick “inspire competitive races” as one of the solutions?  As you may surmise there is a specific lawsuit that resulted in a unjust decision.  After exhausting all appeals I remarked to a fellow member of council that I would work to replace the judges in the case with more capable judges the next election.  That council member, who was also a lawyer, looked at me and remarked, “You won’t get the chance.  There is an unwritten agreement amongst lawyers that keep them from running against a sitting judge”.  Turns out he was right.  Lawyers have colluded with each other to make one contested election a virtual lifetime judicial appointment. [1] 

That leads us to replacing lawyer logic with real logic.  My particular case is a workers rights case.  It is a contract enforcement case. Specifically, I had a contract with a company and both of us agreed that our arrangement would continue until either one of us no longer wanted to continue that relationship.  When one party or the other no longer wanted to live up to the agreement then the party that wanted out of the relationship would cancel the relationship[2].  Instead of looking and addressing the details of the my case, the court used a bunch of techniques that can best be described as lawyer lies[3] in order to justify making up laws out of thin air[4].

As a taxpayer and citizen, there are many reasons why you should be concerned about an incompetent judicial system.  Beyond, the general concern about the judicial institution, specifically my case came about because contracting at Wright Patterson AFB decided to use illegal methods to try and save about $80 million dollars.  In the process they wasted over $800 million dollars in tax payer money.  If the courts had done their job, we could have learned from this experience and perhaps not made the same mistake again.  Instead, that $800 million dollar figure is still growing today[5].  Your support of our effort to reform the Ohio Judicial system not only supports workers rights and Democratic elections but also will help eliminate billions of dollars of government waste.  


Statesmanship.biz has been created as a means to improve Ohio politics.  The revenue generated from our sales will be used to reform the Ohio Judicial system and eliminate official recognition of partisan politics. Unlike the political parties, we intend to pay business taxes.  Join us today.


[1] See my extended article, “Lawyers Colluding to stop democracy

[2] See the details of the Employment Relationship

[3] See examples of Lawyer Lies

[4] Lawyer Logic

[5] See my extended article, How much does it cost to have 90% employee turnover?